Activities of the Managing Committee:
a. Donations are made with cash, food materials, fruits, clothes and other necessities on the occasions of birthdays, death anniversary of the parents and kins, other religious activities. The donations are made with
the expectation of blessings, good wishes from the Aged people Donations are occasionally made by the Nepal Government and someforeigners.
b. Western Regional Hospital has been helping the shelter by providing health check facilities sometimes medical facilities are also provided. There are other private organisations which provide various types of donations at the request of the managing committee and Siddhartha Club Pokhara provides Ambulance freely if request is made. In these days we are requesting to the Indian Embassy for ambulance as the Shelter’s property. The Pokhara Aged Shelter is rich enough with the fixed deposit of 19 lakhs of rupees. This has been possible because of the benevolence of the kindhearted people have made addition to the amount. The Shelter will reach its target of the amount as an absolute minimum 60 lakhs. Everyone is convinced that there will be no misuse of the amount donated.