In the meeting held at Shobhabhagabati temple in Ranipauwa, Pokhara presided by Subhadra Bhante, a matured Bauddha Sage in 2053, Poush 6, Saturday Pt. Rishi Keshab Parajuli proposed to start the Old Aged People’s Shelter and the meeting made a firm decision on it.
i. The shelter “Pokhara Briddhasram” was registered in District Administration Office, Kaski in 1st of Chaitra 2053 (BS) and was affiliated with Social Welfare Centre in 12th Baisakh 2054. Initially Pt. Rishi Keshab Parajuli donated Rs. 26,700 for the smooth running of the shelter. Bouddha Sage Subhadra Bhante (94 years old) and Mrs. Dhanamaya Bijukchhe (102 years old) laid the foundation stone for the construction of the building for it.
ii. The area of 13 ropanis 3 anas of land was provided to the Shelter by Nepal Government and a building with three rooms was offered by District Forest Office. The shelter was occupied by five aged people. They were permitted to use the Building on their expenses for fooding and clothing. Later on 76 aged people registered their names 16 of whom have expired (died). At present, there are 42 aged people living at the Shelter and 7 persons are appointed for their service. The shelter has given asylum to 3 small girls also. Some of the aged people have left the Shelter as they could not make themselves adopted to the rules of the
iii. At the initial stage Dr. Bhuban Sthapit of Nadipur Pokhara 3 and Lt. Col. J.P. Cross of Nayangaun Pokhara-15 constructed two simple rooms. Mr. Karna Das, a young singer of Alakapur Pokhara-15 donated
5 cots, beddings and expenses for two months. The credit of constructing the boundary wall goes to Thulo Teken Giri of New Road, Pokhara 8 and Mr. Ashok Rayamajhi of Nirmal Pokhari V.D.O. 5